Our Story

The Numeriś brand was created from the constant frustration the founders faced when looking to buy luxury and fashionable trainers at a reasonable price. They found that most brands offered trainers which did not fairly reflect the quality of the shoes in the price. The founders then sketched their first design, the Ares runner. In late 2019, there was a long period of the brand trying to find the right manufacturer, after many tests, samples and visits the first sample was created. The expectations for the quality of the trainers along with a fair value cost made it difficult to find the perfect product.

Our Product

The trainer has developed and improved over a short period of time. With the first launch of the Ares runner in summer 2021. Numeriś current product range is the Ares runner and the Caesar trainer, with plans to expand this range to new styles in 2023.

The Ares runner merges components of a classic running sneaker with everyday comfort. The trainer is handcrafted with suede uppers combined with technical mesh and a white EVA sole. These components compliment each other to produce an ath-leisure silhouette.

The Caesar trainer is known for its simple and minimal profile. The trainer features a suede and leather upper, which varies from style to style. The complex rubber sole displays a unique shape which stands out from the crowd.

Although Numeriś feels the shoes are close to perfect, the brand is constantly researching and testing new ways to improve the quality.

Our Vision

Numeriś continues to strive to achieve perfection whether that be the quality of the trainer or customer service. The brand is pursuing to be a household name, an essential in every person's day to day outfit. To achieve its ambition of becoming an international label, the brand plans to launch womens and kids footwear in the future. Combining this with the continuation of launching new styles and making them available to a wide range of customers the brand believes they will create a global community.